11th bipartite settlement – Charter of Demand: Non Monetory Issues

11th Bipartite Settlement is due from 1st November 2017. Charter of demand for 11th Bipartite Settlement has been submitted jointly by AIBOC, AIBOA, INBOC & NOBO. Charter of demand will be the basis for discussions and negotiations for finalizing the salaries, benefits and other matters concerning bank employees 11th bipartite settlement.


Regulated Working Hours

The working hours for officers should be defined and regulated.


5 Days week should be introduced immediately in the entire banking industry.

The working hours should not exceed 36.5 hours in a week.

The daily working hours should not be more than 6.5 hours in the normal course.

Any working hours, more than 7 hours a day, should be compensated monetarily to the extent of twice the actual hourly salary in the normal course.

This should be uniform for the Banking Industry as the Govt directs banks to work late or on holidays often and we follow their directions but compensation varies between Banks.

They should also be made eligible to take weekly off to the extent of additional hours of duty rendered by them as rest is needed for recuperation.

The Officers who are called upon to work on weekly-off days and holidays, should be compensated as above and in addition be permitted a compensatory off on a date convenient to them and such weekly offs be credited to the leave account.

Need to have uniform holidays to the officers in the Grid, as the holidays are declared by RBI, substantially less no of holiday is extended to the officers


We demand that there should be uniform categorization norms for all Public Sector Banks.


The availing of leave should be made flexible. The officers should be free to avail the leave as and when required. They should also have the benefit of splitting the day into hours and half-day, full-day etc., and longer period as in the case of several other corporates.


The existing system of maintaining separate leave accounts may be done away with. A common account of leave should be introduced where they should be able to combine all types of leave into total number of days of leave available to them and use the same as per their own requirement.

  1. Casual leave should be increased to 15 days;
  2. Privilege Leave – 33 days in a year.
  3. Sick Leave 15 days in a year ( on full pay) without any ceiling;
  4. Restricted holidays: A minimum of 10 days in a year for festivals and other personal, religious functions etc., may be permitted to be availed as holidays by the officers.
  5. Special leave for study, sports, social and cultural activities
  6. Leave on loss of pay
  7. Sabbatical leave h. Accumulation of PL should be increased to 360 days instead of 270 days.
  8. Encashment of PL should be allowed for maximum 360 days.
  9. Encashment of 30 days PL per two years be allowed without linkage to LTC.
  10. 50% of balance of Sick leave not availed may be converted to PL at the time of superannuation or VRS.


The leave so calculated should be credited to the leave account of the officer on a consolidated basis. The officer should be eligible to avail the leave on the basis of his requirement.

The intermittent holidays and weekly offs should be excluded while sanctioning leave.

The Officer should have the opportunity of encashing the balance available in the consolidated leave account once in a year to the extent of 50% of the leave available in his account at the beginning of the subsequent year.

Further, an officer should be permitted to encash the entire leave at his credit at the time of retirement including sick leave and no ceiling should be imposed for accumulation of leave.

The officer may be permitted to transfer leave to another officer in case of need for medical purpose.


Work done on a regular basis should not be outsourced.


We have submitted a very comprehensive note to the Indian Banks’ Association for the review of the existing conduct rules and procedure and to introduce certain changes in tune with the changing environment. The issue should be finalized for implementation, before the negotiation starts as it is a pending issue.


The present adhoc system of withholding gratuity and harsh decision to set off the gratuity amount towards loss caused etc., should be reviewed keeping in view, the recent judicial pronouncements.

In any case, there should not be stoppage or denial of gratuity to the officers.

No disciplinary action should be initiated after superannuation

All Terminal benefits should be released pending disciplinary proceedings if bank fails to complete the proceedings before superannuation as is being done in the case of CBI cases being pending.


The IBA should take up with the Government, the introduction of an exclusive Banking Administrative Tribunal for the banking Industry in order to deal with all the service as well as disciplinary matters in respect of officers similar to Central Administrative Tribunal. Decision has already been taken. Only notification is to be issued.


The present ceiling of Rs.10,000/- for dependent should be increased to Rs.30000/- taking into account minimum basic pay of Rs.18000/- for the Central Govt employees which along with DA amounts to Rs. 30000/-.



To cater to the emerging needs we have to go for massive recruitment of clerks and Officers and also agriculture graduates, commerce graduates, Computer Engineers etc immediately.


Redefine the voluntary retirement and re-fix the minimum eligibility for the purpose.


The age of superannuation to be raised to 65 years for all officers, as there is a huge shortage in the middle order and seniors due to non recruitment for 10 years.


Present Ceiling of 3% of net profits to be increased to 3% of Gross profit without any ceiling. LIFE COVER : Suitable Life Cover should be taken for normal as well as accidental death. This is available in few Banks but there is no unanimity.



Housing Term Loan:

In view of the increase in cost of construction of house and flats, we need to have a comprehensive review of House Building Advance to officers by suitably enhancing the limit to Rs.1 core at Simple rate of interest without any slab,which can be repaidup to the age of 75.

The Conveyance Loan has not been revised for long, we need to enhance the Car Loan limit to Rs.15 Lacs and Two Wheeler Loan limit to Rs.1 lac at Simple rate of interest without any slab. The repayment of the above loans should be extended upto 75 years of age.

Review of all loans and advances and make same rules in all banks.


In view of All India transferability of officers, the Road tax on vehicles of different States should be paid by the bank on inter-state transfers.


The Banks should take the responsibility for shifting the personal effects of the officers on transfer from one place to another. In the absence of such facility, the Officers should be reimbursed the full expenditure on certificate basis.


To meet additional expenditure towards education of children, housing etc., officers should be paid two months’ salary to compensate incidental expenses on transfer. In case of transfer outside the State, 3 months’ salary should be paid 71 towards incidental expenses. In case of transfers to far off centers and the places of inclement weather and living conditions, there has to be high compensation as incidental expenditure on transfer.


As cost of Education has increased a lot Education Allowance to be introduced in 11th bipartite settlement for school education and higher education similar to that existing in Govt / PSUs / Private Sector.

10 thoughts on “11th bipartite settlement – Charter of Demand: Non Monetory Issues

  1. What about the retirees.Plz do some benefits for them too.They were the instumental for the development of the overwhole banking system which we see today.any way they must not be forgotton or left aloof.

  2. Must do something to benefit the retired officers as costs are increasing daily. Don’t leave them to die on their own.

  3. Speacial leave for incress on phically handicapped and full paid of school fee for education on children. Staff housing loan at simple saving rate

  4. And also include the transfer policies of cleical staff,some banks who are the members of IBA,they posted their Clerical staff from South India to North India,their salaries are less and, they are far away from their family,we request our Union leaders to apply transfer policeis are same for all the banks who are members in IBA

  5. First i decided not to read this since its wastage of time.No cost of dreaming.
    But i thought to read it for finding what new thing has been introduced to mock bankers like us.
    If you cant do it then why you make us hope for all this every five years.
    Unions….Stop fooling……Accept your inefficiency

  6. In this post all the profits are only for officers..
    It didn’t talk about clerks and sub staffs and daily wages

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