Banks Can Not Refuse To Take Scribbled Notes Of 500 And 2000 Rupees

No bank can refuse to take notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2000, on which there is something written on it.

Although the person can not change such notes, this note can only be deposited in the depositor’s personal account. RBI officials gave this information. In the International Trade Fair, the Reserve Bank of India is making aware people coming to the fair under economic literacy. Here people are being literate towards their rights, including features of new notes. Together, it is being encouraged to join digital media.

In the stall of the RBI held in hall number 18 of Pragati Maidan, people are also reaching their questions. Someone wants to know the validity of 500 and 2000 rupees notes on which something is written. So one is seeking information about how to complain against a bank. Someone needs information about the position of coins of Rs. 10.

RBI officials told the language that the central bank has already confused the illusion in this regard. During the fair, people are questioning their legitimacy in the event of having written something on the new notes of 500 and 2000 rupees. We want to make it clear that even if there is some written or color in the note, it is also valid. The bank can not refuse to take them.

Also, he said, however, customers can not replace such notes from the bank, but such notes can be deposited in their individual accounts. He said that the RBI follows the policy of clean notes. The refund policy has not yet come up with the new Noto, so the notes on which the notes are written can not be changed but can be deposited in the account. RBI has not withdrawn legal tenders of such notes.

Officials said besides this, we are also giving information about the features of new notes to the people coming to the fair so that they can identify fake notes. He said that we have published Pamphlets for this. There are detailed information about the notes printed on which people can properly identify the notes.

Officials said that there are 17 features on the notes of 500, 2000 and 200 rupees while 14 rupees on the new note of 50 rupees. He said that people are coming to us with complaints that shopkeepers are not taking coins of Rs. 10. We have made it clear to people coming to such complaints that all coins of Rs 10 are valid. We have notified the notification in relation to the fair. He said that besides this we are also encouraging people for digital transactions in the fair.

The official said that net banking can be used not only for smart phones but also those with feature phones. He said that people using the feature phone can dial 9999 from their phones, and can exchange transactions between the two accounts without internet. For this, the user has to register himself by dialing the same number.

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