Union opposes move to Privatizations of Banks

THE 20th Triennial Conference of All India Allahabad Bank Employees’ Co-ordination Committee (AIABECC) was organised at Maheshwari Bhavan, Sitabuldi.

The 3-day conference was attended by more than 350 delegates and observers from all over the country. The host unit under the leadership of Vijay Bahadursingh Thakur made elaborated arrangements for the successful conduct of the conference.

The inaugural session was attended by more than 700 bank employees including delegates/observers and local bank employees from different banks. Gour Das, General Secretary of AIABECC welcomed the dignitaries on the dais. R B Choubey, Vice-President of AIABECC presided over the session. Jaiwant Gurway, Chairman of Reception Committee and General Secretary of EMBEA welcomed all the participants to Nagpur on behalf of the host unit.

C H Venkatachalam, General Secretary of AIBEA inaugurated the conference. In his inaugural address he dealt in detail with the present economic and banking scenario. He strongly opposed the recent remarks of RBI Governor and Deputy Governor advocating re-privatisation of banks and called upon the bank employees to further intensify the struggle under the banner of UFBU.

“There are no steps taken by the Government and bankers to recover the ever increasing bad loans and they are diverting the attention of common people by advocating mergers, consolidation and outsourcing,” he said.

He also emphasised the need for defending public sector banking on priority basis. Tapan Sarkar, General Secretary of All India Allhabad Bank Officers’ Federation and Suresh Bobhate, President EMBEA greeted the conference. Deepak Sharma, Deputy General Secretary AIABECC propsed the vote of thanks. The delegate session was held at the same venue for the next two days.

Gour Das, General Secretary of the Co-ordination Committee presented a detailed report on the activities since last conference. After deliberations the General Secretary Report was adopted unanimously. In addition to the other agendas, the conference passed several resolutions which includes resolution on price-rise, recovery of bad loans, demonetisation, adequate recruitment, out sourcing, new pension scheme and also on pending issues.

The 20th conference unanimously elected a new team of office bearers of AIABECC for the next term including Deepkumar Bajpai as Chairman, Y P Singh as President and Deepak Sharma as General Secretary.

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