Banks will work on March 31 and there is no continuous holidays

Unlike what news reports mentioned earlier, banks won’t remain shut for 5 consecutive days starting March 29, a union leader clarified on Monday. “Banks will work on March 31 (Saturday) and there is no continuous holidays as per messages on social media,” D Thomas Franco Rajendra Dev, General Secretary of All India Bank Officers Confederation told IANS. He also added that banks will, however, remain closed on Thursday and Friday due to Mahaveer Jayanthi and Good Friday.

March 31 is the fifth Saturday of the month and hence will be a working day, unlike every second and fourth Saturdays. Some banks are also planning to work full time on Saturday, while in some only corporate offices might stay open. ATMs are most likely to function smoothly, as maintenance of ATMs are outsourced to third parties.

However, April 2, Monday, would be a non-working day as banks will be shut for annual closing of accounts.

Reports and rumours on social media, also fuelled by WhatsApp forwards said that there would be a 5-day long holiday for banks that would impact day-to-day bank dealings. It also said that there would be a rush at ATMs before the extended weekend as well as currency crunch during those days as ATMs would not get refilled. The reports said that no other bank service would work either.

Earlier reports had further stated that some primary and government banking branches might remain open on March 31 but will not conduct any public dealings. It must be noted that it would indeed be advisable for customers who are planning other bank services to plan ahead of the holidays.

1 thought on “Banks will work on March 31 and there is no continuous holidays

  1. *Holidays for banks.. the truth*.

    For the best reason known them, media harps on bankers..
    Now they have started howling about a long weekend because of 2 NI Act holidays aead..

    Are the holidays only for Banks? Not for central, state, PSU, private/pubic sector employees?

    They are NOT interested in knowing the truth. Let us see holidays during weekend. Of 31 states ONLY:-
    13 states have holiday on 29th
    25 states have holiday on 30th
    *Only 12 states have both days as holidays*
    2 states have 3 days of holidays
    Where the question of long weekend throughout??
    As if the world drowns. It is okay, okay if govt/rbi other departments are closed! But banks should not. At Least we have alternate delivery channels. What do others have?

    Most of the employees, including ones in private sector, enjoy holidays, right from new year to many religious/cultural festivals. _But there is a deprived section in Banks who suffer silently_. _Who miss the company of their family on festivals and functions_. _They are the ones who pump financial blood to economy *WORKING IN CLEARING CENTRES*_. They have just *7 HOLIDAYS* throughout the year. [Republic Day, Good Friday, Annual closing of Banks, Independence Day, Bakri ID, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi & Christmas. Pl observe – they work on important festival days like Sankranthi Ugadi, Vinayak Chathurthi, Deepavali, Navrathri ..
    They do not have social life!
    Media does not appreciate and voice against this.

    Pl share .Let this people know the truth…
    Let world know how men in bank toil to help them.

    *Nagesh VN*

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