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CIRCULAR LETTER No. 28/39/2017/39 9-10-2017



Dear Comrades,

Reg: Claims under Group Medical Insurance Scheme for the

period 1-10-16 to 30-9-2017

Units are aware that the Group Medical Insurance Policy applicable to the

in-service employees and officers was from 1-10-2017 to 30-9-2017. The

Policy has been renewed for the next year from 1-10-2017 to 30-9-2018.

Normally, under the policy, all bills for hospitalisation expenses have to be

claimed within 30 days for reimbursement. However, there have been

instances where some employees could not submit the bills in time and

hence these bills could not be considered for reimbursement by the UIIC.

These issues were taken up with UIIC and we are happy to inform that UIIC

has agreed and as a special case come forward to consider all such bills

that could not be submitted during the period October, 2016 to September,

2017 for whatever reason to be accepted now for reimbursement. The bills

can be submitted to the TPAs/Banks as under:

  1. On or before 15/11/2017 OR
  2. 30 days from the date of discharge OR

iii. 30 days from the date of post-hospitalisation, whichever

falls later.

Units are requested to communicate this to our base unions for the

information of our members so that such bills may be submitted for

reimbursement now.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,



From: UNITED INDIA 4 October 2017

To all Banks



As you are aware the employee group health insurance policy has expired on 30/09/2017. As per the policy condition, claim documents are to be submitted within 30 days of discharge or treatment taken (OPD) or post hospitalization. However some of the employees due to unavoidable circumstances which are beyond their control might not be able to submit the claim occurred during the period from 01/10/2016 to 30/09/2017 on time. For all such employees we are pleased to give one more opportunity to submit the claim documents with the following timelines. The below timeline is also for those who have claim during the fag end of the policy.

  1. On or before 15/11/2017 OR
  2. 30 days from the date of discharge OR
  3. 30 days from the date of post-hospitalisation,

whichever falls later.

We seek your co-operation in this regard and request you to communicate to all your employees to use this final opportunity for submission of claims under 2016-17 policy. While submitting such old claims, please advise the employees to submit an explanation detailing the extreme case of hardship which resulted in the delay and the same may be forwarded to the TPA duly endorsed by the claim nodal officer of the bank. You will appreciate that we are giving 45 days of extension for submission of claims occurred right from the beginning of the policy period i.e 01/10/2016 and it will be extremely inconvenient and difficult for us to accept any claim submitted beyond the above time limits.

Once again seeking your co-operation and assuring you of our best attention always.

PC Sreekumar

IBA Cell In-charge

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1 thought on “Claims under Group Medical Insurance Scheme- AIBEA

  1. Some of employees remain out of country where the content of this policy not cover,hence bear some more cost for medical insurance for the period they reside in other country.My submission is cost of medical insurance in such circumstancs must be reimbursed.

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