Demonetisation Overtime still unpaid, Bank Employees threaten Strike

The All India Banks’ Employees Association (AIBEA) has threatened to launch fresh strike if government fails to clear the overtime dues of bank employees who worked double shifts during government’s demonetisation drive.

While millions of people were struggling to deposit or exchange the demonetised currency and withdraw money from banks last year, it was the staff of nationalised and private banks who faced the brunt of the government move to spike the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

In bank branches across the country, officers and staff, many of them women, were working extra hours, at times extending beyond midnight, and managing frayed tempers as they try to ensure that the most number of people queuing up are facilitated — even as the flow of the new currency notes from their head offices has been inadequate.

There are several reports that some bank staffers even worked 14 hours at a stretch and their leaves were cancelled as the system struggled to deal with the unprecedented chaos.

The Banking Union had demanded overtime for the extra hours put in by staff during the 50-day window that ended on December 30, however they are yet to get their dues.

Reportedly, for an additional hour of work, employees get between Rs 100 and Rs 300 depending on the pay package.

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