Must Read! #11thBPS Twitter trend on 26th January

Must Read! #11thBPS Twitter trend on 26th January

Starting from 8AM to 8PM.


Q1: Why to trend #11thBPS on Twitter?

Answer: We bankers have suffered a lot about targets, bad work and life balance, union ignorance, management ignorance and above all, our salary is way lower than even railway clerk. no one is paying heed to our problem, nor even media.

The only way we can survive is by making our government know about our problem by trending #11thBPS on Twitter on 26january.

Q2: How to trend #11BPS on Twitter?

Use this method:

<Your problem statement> #11thbps @narendramodi @arunjaitley #banker #budget ( you should also tag one news channel while tweeting )

Do at least 5-6 tweets within 25 minute from 8AM to 8PM.

As a tweet lasts for 25 minute roughly for trending concern so if more than 1000 people make a tweet using one common hashtag then it gets trended.

Q3: Is it worth doing?

There is no advantage of being angry about our problem as no union member ever replied our genuine Question, we can get justice only by making whole media, government listen to our voice. Do you have any other way through which we general banker can contribute for 11th bipartite settlement? Then please comment.

Let’s start tweeting on 26th January.

1 banker – 5 tweet

200 banker – 5*200 = 1000 tweet ( then #11thBPS will come on trend)

Imagine if all bankers tweet on same day with same hashtag then it will surly be heard by news channel and government!

Please share this post and request every banker to stand for their ownself! Blogger can also copy paste this on their blog, or please forward this text on whats app and Telegram.

Remember date 26 January, tweet as per mentioned method here.

Do or die mission for bankers justice!!

2 thoughts on “Must Read! #11thBPS Twitter trend on 26th January

  1. Due to weak union of bankers are suffering in wage negotiations till now iba not responded all bankers should take immediate reaction towards iba Strike but not one day till complete settlement is over min 5days that heat will touch the government how ksrtc workers protested iba is not worried about the letter continues the strike see the effect of the implementation how quickly 11bps Will be settled best eg 10th bps govt is saying bps for every 5yrs but giving 8ys or 7yrs this what happening in our country why educated people are not understanding this simple logic Instead of making 10 strike (feb,March,Apr,May,etc…….)above what I said continues strike effects instead making one or two days.

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