Bank Wage revision: UFBU urges IBA to hold postponed negotiations soon

UFBU comprises of All India Bank Employees Association, (AIBEA), All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC), National Confederation of Bank Employees (NCBE), All India Bank Officers Association (AIBOA), Bank Employees Federation…

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Privatising Public Sector Banks would result in destroying their huge Branch Network – INBEF

The Indian National Bank Employees Federation (INBEF), the banking wing of Congress- affiliated Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), has said in the letter that privatising public sector banks (PSBs)…

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Mark Zuckerberg bringing payments feature to the India’s 250 million WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Payments

After lobbying in vain for his silly and controversial idea of a basic internet for people too poor to pay for data, Mark Zuckerberg is finally doing something useful in…

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