Ravish Kumar NDTV Prime Time , 9 March 2018 – Banking Series 10

Ravish Kumar NDTV Prime Time , 9 March 2018 – Banking Series 10

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3 thoughts on “Ravish Kumar NDTV Prime Time , 9 March 2018 – Banking Series 10

  1. Banking Series…
    Request to shri Ravish Kumar to show the position of private bank employees also.. Because they are not bankers but actually insurance agents… So please also share and shows about private banks… They actually work like robots.. Early morning to late night also on weekends and holidays… They are not having private life… Day by situation getting worst because of cross selling and majority in insurance…

  2. In the month of March we get admission for our children and subsequently in next month we usually get a transfer orders resulting second mid term admission in the month of April or May. Which is a very costly affairs and gives us financial burden. Our family use to suffer due to this. Children are getting frequent changes which in a small age they could bta adjust it and resulting depression in a childhood age. Because of this entire family suffers with financial burden. Even due to mid term admission we have to compromise for the school .
    Secondly, if you check the medical history of the age of above 50years banker you will get to know about a lot of diseases he may be having due to banks pressure.

  3. I do feel that it is true that Bankers are suffering a lots. The educations of the children’s of Bank Officers are suffering a lot due to mid academic transfers. They are also getting financial burdens. The life of a Bankers are made worse.The top management & systems are completely failed.

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