RBI Reference Rate for US $

The Reserve Bank of India’s Reference Rate for the US Dollar is ₹ 64.9287 on April 09, 2018.

The corresponding rate for the previous day (April 06, 2018) was ₹ 64.9884.

Based on the reference rate for the US Dollar and the middle rates of the cross-currency quotes, the exchange rate of EUR, GBP and JPY against the Rupee are given below:

Currency Date
April 06, 2018 April 09, 2018
1 EUR 79.5133 79.6870
1 GBP 90.9578 91.4975
100 YEN 60.54 60.66
Note : The SDR-Rupee rate will be based on the reference rate.

Anirudha D. Jadhav
Assistant Manager

Press Release: 2017-2018/2667

Source: RBI Press Releases

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