RBI releases the Monthly Bulletin for July 2016

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The Reserve Bank of India today released the July 2016 issue of its monthly Bulletin. The Bulletin includes an article on International Banking Statistics of India: 2015.

International Banking Statistics of India: 2015

This article presents an analysis of the Locational Banking Statistics (LBS) and Consolidated Banking Statistics (CBS) based on international assets and liabilities. The data are analysed by type of instrument/components, currency, country of residence and sector of counter-party/transacting unit, and nationality of banks functioning in India. The data on CBS give international/ foreign claims as per residual maturity and sector of borrower along with the exposures by country of immediate borrower and on the reallocation of claims (i.e., risk transfers) to the country of ultimate risk.

Main Findings:

  • The international liabilities (based on LBS) of banks in Indiarecorded a gradual deceleration in annual growth rate.

  • Annual growth rate of international claims of the Indian banking system recorded an increase since June 2015.

  • Share of Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account [NRE] and Foreign Currency Non Resident (Bank) Account [FCNR(B)] in total international liabilities remained more or less the same during 2015 as in 2014.

  • The share of foreign currency loans to residents in total international claims declined during 2015.

  • The international claims of Indian banks, on immediate risk basis, based on Core Banking Solution (CBS), on all other countries increased marginally in 2015.

Apart from this special article, the Bulletin contained the regular features such as, speeches of the top management, important press releases and notifications issued by the reserve Bank as well as Current Statistics section. This section carries the Occasional Series of data (pages 76 – 77) on Small Savings (Table 44) and Ownership Pattern of Government of India Dated Securities (Face Value) (Table 45).

Alpana Killawala
Principal Adviser

Press Release : 2016-2017/82