RRB Employees are Going to Observe a One-Day All-India Strike on June 30

Regional rural bank (RRB) employees are going to observe a one-day all-India strike on Friday demanding parity in pension and promotion rules with staff of nationalised bank, which are their promoter.

They are also opposing privatisation and formation of state-level RRBs.

Their employees organisation — the All India Regional Rural Bank Employees Association — said that a majority of the 90000-strong workforce in RRBs, is going to participate in strike.


India has 56 RRBs sponsored by 18 larger banks lending largely to small and marginal farmers in the villages and following up the government’s financial inclusion agenda.

Total business of the RRBs with a customer base of 30 crore has exceeded Rs 6 lakh crore.

The demands include pension parity as more than 22,000 staffers have retired without getting superannuation benefit at par with the scheme available in banking industry

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