SBI launches artificial intelligence based chatbot – SBI Intelligent Assistant

Chatbots are getting trendy and it is not only the Private Banks that are taking the lead, now India’s largest lenders –  State Bank of India has also jump into this new technology. One of the Artificial Intelligence technology vendor Payjo said that it has launched an an AI-powered chat assistant for State Bank of India to addresses customer enquiries.

According to company, the chat assistant, known as SBI Intelligent Assistant, or SIA, will help customers with everyday banking tasks just like a bank representative.

According to reports, SIA has been set up to handle nearly 10,000 inquiries per second, or 864 million in a day, which is nearly 25 per cent of the queries processed by Google every day. “SIA is a revolution in the banking industry. It is set to disrupt the way banks and customers interact,”

Payjo founder and CEO Srinivas Njay said adding that SIA will enhance customer service several notches above. Payjo’s expertise in the conversational banking domain helped us build SIA as a superior chatbot in the global banking space.

“We look forward to taking SIA and simplifying the customer’s lives on multiple customer interaction platforms in partnership with Payjo,” SBI chief technology officer Shiv Kumar Bhasin stated. With SIA, the bank will reduce significant operational expenditure over time. Currently, SIA can address enquiries on banking products and services. It is trained with a large set of knowledge and is adept at answering frequently asked questions as well.

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