Strike call by AIBOC on 21st December 2018: Todays Updates



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Circular No. 40/2018 Dt.17.12.2018

Dear Comrades,

Strike call by AIBOC on 21st December 2018

You are aware that All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) has given a strike call on 21stDecember 2018 opposing IBA’s stance to discuss the issue of wage revision of officers with the Officers Associations up to scale – III only.This position of IBA has been opposed by AIBOC and UFBU also has reiterated its stand demanding negotiation on wage revision of officer’s up to scale – VII as has been done in the past.

In-spite of repeated request from UFBU as also from all Officers Associations demanding full mandate for negotiation on officers’ wages without any rider, IBA maintained its rigidity on the issue during the talks held on 30th November last. Opposing this AIBOC representatives walked out from the negotiation table and subsequently gave a strike call on the same day to be observed on 21st December 2018.

Initially we had the impression that the strike call was on mandate issues only but later we have observed that several other issues also have been included as demands of the strike, of course, however, an independent Federation has every right to do so.

We fully support AIBOC’s stand on mandate issue at the same time we feel that this is an issue of entire UFBU.

We received a communication from AIBOC seeking our fraternal support to their strike call. We like to express our inability in extending moral support to the strike call as they have included some issues relating to RRBs on which we have different views.

Our members will not be on strike on 21st December 2018 but they should not enter the bank if there be picketing at the gate.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,

Pradip Biswas

General Secretary


In today’s reconciliation talks, AIBOC presented our case clearly and unambiguously, which was appreciated by CLC, IBA and DFS representatives.

On the issue of fractured mandate. CLC requested both IBA and DFS to initiate efforts to resolve the issue with all earnestness and to convene bilateral talks forthwith.

A delegation of AIBOC will be visiting the office of DFS today for further talks.

Since the reconciliation was inconclusive without any firm assurance, as of now our stand remains firm and resolute.

We urge upon our affiliates to be in full preparedness.

Detailed circular follows.

With revolutionary greetings,

Sunil Kumar, Chairman, AIBOC

Debasis Ghosh, President, AIBOC,

Soumya Datta, General Secretary, AIBOC


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  1. Welcome moved that retirees issues are highlight to resolve. Obcourse due to anomalies in bps retirees issue terns problem. Retirees had been suffering since last 23 yrs. Presently the issues stand in a platform where it is resolved.

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