Zonal head of Bank Of India Gandhi Nagar has committed suicide

In a shocking development a Zonal head of BOI Gandhi Nagar, MR. AKHILESH JALOTA has committed suicide. He was DGM set to retire in October 2018 and was upset for being charge sheeted in September for 4 years old case when he was AGM. It’s really painful and hard to believe that an executive grade officer, on the verge of superannuation has ended his life by committing sucide.

After 34 years of service, every man desires that he would have a great retirement, not less than that he would want to have a lot of money for that age, he would want to leave his companion with his tearful eyes. He would like to understand the price of the tears of his eyes, and he would want to see that his institution had a high rise and his name. He has sweat his blood in increasing the institution. He moulded himself under an inhuman definition of 24*7. He’s just one last wish that a great retirement. But he misses. Does he have to commit suicide? Just think why?? 2 minutes to give comfort to your mind and think why commit suicide even after 34 years of elevator career?

Some indication on the compelling reasons for such action on his part is found in two suicidal notes written & signed by him. He was hounted & resultantly badly hurt by the disciplinary action initiated at the fag end of his career. Apprantly the matter is very old, pertaining to his working as AGM Kolkata few years back & could well have been dealt earlier by the bank. Such late disciplinary action has hounded many of our officers in recent years. It hurts every one, more particularly to sensitive persons, forcing them to take such harsh self destructive decision.

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